Mixed Media Fine Arts

About Leigh W. Jerome

We live then we die. There’s a ripple and then it’s gone. I am consumed by the space between our mortality and the infinite. I’ve been undone by the madness of knowing there is more to this world than can possibly ever be worked out and far less, I fear, than will ever suffice. I have also been steadied - by the compassion of others and dark humor, metaphor and caprice.

My sculptures are additive, mixed media compositions that straddle psychological inquiry and contemporary expression. Welding is the core process of my work. Metal grounds me. Steel, copper and aluminum are the primary materials in my three-dimensional artworks that also incorporate clay, textiles, found objects, wood, glass, light, sound files, fragments, paint, bone and patina.

Every line, given a half-twist, surrenders its orientation and bends reality into a matrix of probabilities. Utilizing natural and inorganic materials I blend what has been cast off - the rubble of everyday life - with unspoken dreams, to create new contexts that explore the aberrant beauty in our sense of reality - the collision of what is and what might be.